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on Sep 29, 2017
As of yesterday, http://mac-006.com/movies renders as a blank page. Ditto .../books. Viewing the page source shows nothing as well. Did I miss a memo? Is browsing no longer supported?

on Sep 29, 2017
Seems to work just fine now. Maybe the server was having a hick-up while you tried.
on Sep 30, 2017
Thanks for checking. I tried another browser and see a 500 error that firefox doesn't care to report. Am I the last troglodyte to still use a browser for nzbs? Seems like others would see the same. Can my ISP cause a 500 error with a site block? Never happened before so I'm stymied.
on Sep 30, 2017
It is not showing anything right now in the movies section but it was a little while ago in Firefox. Yesterday it was working then not working so it is not your browser.
on Sep 30, 2017
Much obliged. I'll relax.
on Sep 30, 2017
UC is unreliable now, great when its up but sadly not up very often, I just go elsewhere now mostly, less bother than waiting for a fix here
on Sep 30, 2017
I have same issue, blank white screen, when selecting movie or audio section, but the tv section shows listing of shows.
on Oct 1, 2017
Movies = HTTP ERROR 500
on Oct 2, 2017
TV Shows has a lot of repetition while Movies and Books are giving me that HTTP ERROR 500.
on Oct 2, 2017
same here, blank page. for movies and tv series sections of the website.


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